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Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

The Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean rug cleaning company uses the latest in innovation to get your rugs looking as good as new. With high quality deep hot water extraction (steam cleaning) your rugs look better than ever, all stains removed or lightened and deep, in-grown dirt extracted. Our premium cleaning method is the system that is most recommended by rug manufacturers and covered by most warrantees. Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean products are safe to use on the finest quality rugs. We even offer a rug pick up and delivery service, which is perfect for customers with fine rugs including Persian, silk, wool, and other quality materials. That’s why we are the best company for Toronto rug cleaning.

Keep Your Environment Healthy

Like carpets, rugs are high traffic areas no matter whether in homes or offices. They get dirty and vacuuming doesn’t remove all the dirt that lives inside the fibers. Only deep cleaning will remove dust, allergens, bacteria and staining so promoting a healthier environment. For spotless rugs, choose Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean rug cleaning company. We use hot water extraction (steam cleaning) to travel deep inside your rugs’ fibers, banishing nasty odors and difficult to remove dirt.

Our Cleaning Banishes Pet Odors

Your pet leaves hair and dirt in your rug fibers and it’s difficult to remove unpleasant pet odors just using vacuuming. Using professional Toronto rug cleaning services like Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean gives you a superior finish because our state-of-the-art equipment lifts dirt, bacteria, pet hair and bad odors leaving you with a spotless, hygienic finish.

Rug Stain Shielding Service

Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean also offers a highly effective stain shielding service (sometimes referred to as Scotch Guarding). This service is particularly recommended for families with children and pets. Whether you want to protect your new rugs or give your existing rugs an extra layer of stain prevention, our method guards against stains and spills, keeping your rugs looking immaculate for longer.

Gentle Rug Cleaning Products

As far as possible, we use safe, effective cleaning products on your rugs and we try to use minimal chemicals to protect the environment we live in. Our client testimonies speak volumes which is why we believe we offer the very best Toronto rug cleaning services.

Our Rug Cleaning Method

Rest assured that our Toronto rug cleaning system is extremely effective. It’s also convenient and fast.

  • Assessment – Our friendly team takes time to examine your carpet, then hand-remove anything that might interfere with our cleaning equipment and solution.
  • Pre Treatment – We use a non-toxic, PH balanced formula to soak your carpeted and upholstered area. This loosens dirt and debris and readies the area for steam cleaning.
  • Spot and Stain Treatment – We use a concentrated solution with some elbow grease to really tackle the hardened spots and stains.
  • Deep Hot Water Extraction – Also known as steam cleaning this method uses hot water with pressure and heat to get deep into the fibres allowing us to extract trapped dust, and allergens.
  • Deodorization – Our final step ensures your home or workplace smells fresh and clean.

When we moved into our new home, we wanted to freshen
up the carpets. Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean thoroughly
cleaned all the carpets in the house and now they look as
good as new – there’s no need for us to replace them.


Spot Staining and Hard-to-Remove Stains

Our service is ideal for hard-to-remove stains and spots. On those areas, we apply a concentrated solution, extracting
the marks gently. Different spills require different solutions and
our team comes equipped with all the latest solutions and equipment to give you the best possible results.

Toronto Rug Cleaning at Its Best

Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean has a great reputation. We retain almost all of our clients and our reviews speak for themselves. We
are also holders of the Homestars Best of 2018 award so we truly believe we offer a superior rug cleaning service. Additionally,
we are IICRC accredited, WSIB compliant and carry private liability insurance so you feel complete peace of mind.

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