The holiday season is right on the corner, and we all know holiday means great laughs, tasty food, and precious time with family and friends. Planning for holiday parties and preparation takes a lot of time. This busy season of the holiday also brings a large crowd into your home and apartments. While going through the preparation list, check the floor protection twice because it is essential to protect it. Give your floors extra love before the guest arrives and make sure you take precautionary steps to keep your floor in good shape during the holiday season. Here are a few tips that will help you to keep it protected.

Clean carpets before the holiday season

Everyone starts decluttering their living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms as soon the holiday season is near. That’s the best time to get your carpet ready by deep vacuuming. By giving some extra time to your carpet cleaning, you make it look good and smell fresh.

Don’t forget floor tiles

Remember, you have tiles to take care of, as well. If you have ignored your floor tiles for a long time, then it’s the perfect time to make them shine again. Book an expert for tile and grout cleaning today.

Make or buy a creative sign

As it’s the holiday season, the decor is necessary. So, you can make or buy a signboard that asks the guest to remove their shoes kindly. It’s a great idea to guard your carpet against getting dirty.

Add a Shoe Rack at the entrance 

If you are worried about it that they might don’t see the sign, then add a shoe rack at the entrance door. Also, decor your shoe rack by DIY methods. It won’t even make you feel awkward and convey your message to guests as well.

You can throw a slipper party for fun

A slipper party is a creative and funny way to protect your carpets. You can ask the friends and family to come in their favorite slippers. They will be more comfortable, and you will have less mess to clean up.

Buy extra floor mats

The floor mats at the entrance and outside of the front door will help you to protect your flooring and carpeting. The guest will wipe their feet before coming into the house, that floor mat absorbs the moisture and mud from their shoes.

Placing rugs for a protective floor covering

The area with more crowed can become extremely dirty, so to protect it from this you can place a large rug in that area. Also, you can buy a stain-proof rug or carpet if you are planning to serve the food and drinks outside of your kitchen.

Not forget to place a trash can or bins

As you are throwing a party, it is important to put a waste bin all surround for easy disposal if you want to protect your flooring and carpets from the excess pillage from the plates or the beer/wine dripping.

Clean carpets after the party

No matter how much effort you put in to protect your carpet and flooring, there will be some wear and tear as it’s the holiday season, so no need to worry. The thing matters the most that you have a great time with your family and friends. Get your carpet professionally cleaned after the party.

I hope these ideas will help you out and make your holidays more fun. We have experienced teams, industry knowledge, and advanced tools to get your floors and carpets perfectly clean in Toronto – before or after a party.