Pets work wonders for a human soul, mind, and body. They energize your sense of well-being. They make you laugh; they give you happiness, but above all, they make you feel loved. Having pets in the home makes it a happier place, but in a home, you have to make sure to keep your carpet and floor clean otherwise, the pet urine stain or odor can ruin your carpets, rugs, and floor permanently.

For a healthy indoor environment, you should take care of your flooring and carpet as pet urine can cause permanent damage to it. If a pet pass urine on the carpet or floor, it is easier to remove the fresh urine, but it gets dry, it turns into alkaline and won’t remove that easily. The quicker you clean it, the better it would be as the warm acid state of the urine present a breeding ground for bacteria. After some, the urine started to change its color and become a disgusting stain.

DIY Pet Stain Removal

Well, if there is a pet stain on your carpet or floor, then the best way to remove it having a small spot removal machine or a small one-gallon wet vac. You can purchase a small damp vac at a reasonable price. But as professionals, we recommend people a small machine. Machines are more convenient to use in case of the urine incident.

There is a 100% chance of stain and odor removal if clean the urine while it’s fresh. The machine quickly sucks the urine from the carpet. Then you can apply some odor removal enzyme and wait for few minutes. After that, pour a cup of warm water on it and then rinse the carpet. Remember, never try to scrub the carpet, it will break the fiber of your carpet.

You can mix 1 part of white distilled vinegar with two parts water and apply it to the spot in case the urine spot is older than 24 hours. Rinse it with warm water after using a vinegar-water mixture. Do not apply direct vinegar on the spot as it will ruin the carpet.

The best cleaning agents for pet’s feces, vomit, and urine is enzymes. It is recommended because it eats all the harmful bacteria. For a good result, you can use the enzyme spotter after rinsing the carpet. Try to avoid products including ammonia, bleaching agents with a high pH level. It will damage your carpets and can cause the stain permanent.

How Toronto Steam N’ Clean Professionals Remove Odor and Stain?

Toronto Steam N’ Clean offers exceptional carpet cleaning service when you call to make an appointment with us. We provide an estimate and consult with you so we can answer any query you might have. We have a professional team that performs excellent services.

To annihilate the odor and stain, remember that alkaline salt place, the urine leaves behind must be removed completely. It might be a little time-consuming. Our team starts the procedure according to your given time.

First, they will pull up the carpet and remove the affected pad. After that, they clean the back of the carpet and also the floor with an enzyme treatment. They will seal the floor with an odor barrier if it’s needed. The carpet back will be treated by the enzyme and installed on the new tack strip. Doing all this hard work, our staff will install a new pad and then re-install your carpet. Your carpet becomes new as it was before.