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Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts

Keeping your air ducts clean is extremely important for your health whether and at home or at work. Within your commercial premises, your HVAC system is responsible for re-circulating air between 5 to 7 times a day (on average). Air generates a huge amount of contaminants including dust, chemicals and dander. All of these build up in the duct work and when re-circulated, pollute the air. These pollutants can potentially be harmful to those who suffer respiratory health conditions, autoimmune disorders or environmental allergies. Additionally, they can also contribute to larger health issues, whether in the home, school or workplace. Contaminants in heating and cooling systems can also shorten the life of your HVAC not to mention affect its efficiency. Leave it to Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean to provide thorough air duct cleaning at home or at work, making sure the air you breathe is clean and fresh.

How Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean Clean Your Air Ducts

Our team of cleaning technicians have over 20 years of experience and are very knowledgeable in Toronto air duct cleaning services. Using specialist techniques, they will make sure your air ducts are free from contaminants.

  • Our technicians will make access holes in your furnace room to the supply and return piping
  • Attach high power truck-mounted vacuum directly to the supply line access hole
  • Blow compressed air down every supply vent towards the vacuum in the furnace room
  • Use agitation tools such as snake and whipper balls to loosen dirt along the inner walls of your piping
  • Repeat the same process for the return air vents
  • Deodorize – this optional step leaves your home with a fresh scent while sanitizing the internal ductwork

Clean Air Ducts Mean Better Energy Efficiency!

Did you know that a 25 to 40% of energy used in heating or cooling a home is wasted energy? That’s because of contaminants in your HVAC which force it to work harder, shortening its life and using up more energy than necessary. Regular cleaning could save you money as well as ensure far better HVAC efficiency. The Toronto Clean ‘N’ Steam technicians are highly trained in air duct cleaning in Toronto, recognising what needs to be done to make sure your system is maintained properly.

Non-Toxic Air Duct Cleaning Products

We only use safe and effective products to clean your air ducts. With reviews that speak for themselves, we know our Toronto air duct cleaning service is the best in the area.

Air Duct Cleaning To Suit You

We can clean your air ducts at a time to suit you. For commercial premises and offices, we can even visit after hours so as not to disturb your day to day routine. At Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean, we aim to be flexible to suit all of our clients.

Since we’ve been regularly cleaning our HVAC air ducts, we’ve noticed the system is much more efficient. Before cleaning, it was sluggish and noisy plus there was more visible dust. We’re sure we’re all now working in a healthier environment


Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean Air Duct Cleaning – The Best Services In Greater Toronto

We are proud of our high client retention rates and many positive reviews. Additionally, Toronto Steam ‘N’ Clean is a holder of the Homestars Best of 2018 award so we’re thoroughly reputable, delivering outstanding service to all of our customers. With WISB insurance and IICRC accreditation, you know you’re using the best cleaning service in Toronto. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy and that’s why we offer all of our clients a 24 hour period to notify us of anything that isn’t up to our usual standards. Call us within that time period and we will return and re-clean the area free of charge.

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