Carpet Cleaning Services in Toronto

Everyone loves the look and smell of freshly vacuumed carpets. However, did you know that vacuuming could leave behind a great deal of dirt and allergens – deep inside the fibers where it is not even visible to the naked eye? The only sure way to get rid of this deep-down dirt is to have a professional perform a hot water extraction on your carpets – also known as a steam cleaning or simply carpet cleaning.

Think of your carpets as your home’s largest air filters: they collect dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens that may not even be visible on the surface. Once collected, these micro-toxins are breathed in when you walk across the carpet and agitate them from their resting place.

When you are looking for reliable carpet cleaning in Toronto, there is only one name that you need to remember: Toronto Steam n’ Clean. We have been in the business of keeping your home healthy for over 20 years, and we specialize in using the best equipment available to remove stubborn stains and extract dirt without damaging or changing the state of your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning is convenient, quick and hassle-free and we will have your house right back to its normal state in no time. Your home will smell fresh and clean, and your air quality will be improved due to the removal of the allergens that have been hiding in your carpet and rugs.

Toronto Steam n’ Clean is IICRC accredited, meaning we have been certified to offer responsible and professional carpet cleaning and restoration services in Toronto and our care of your home or office will meet or exceed industry standards.

Consider adding carpet cleaning to your deep cleaning schedule along with your air duct cleaning. Together, these two services will ensure that not only are your air conditioning and heating units performing to the peak of their ability, but also you and your family are enjoying the highest quality and cleanest air possible inside your home.

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Why Do You Need Carpet Cleaning?

  • Carpets are the largest source of small allergenic particles that become airborne when walked across
  • This makes air inside your home polluted, which affects the health of your family, as they breathe this unhygienic air.
  • The polluted air inside your home can further cause and worsen lung diseases, such as asthma.
  • Carpet cleaning using hot water extraction, will eliminate dirt and allergens trapped deep in your carpets and keep the air inside your home clean resulting in a healthy environment.
Toronto Steam N Clean performing hot water extraction carpet cleaning at a Toronto house

Our Unique Process

  • Full examination of carpet
  • Inspection and initial treatment of hard stains and spots
  • Hand removal of tangible dust, debris, dirt, mud, molds etc.
  • Soaking carpet in pH balanced detergent water to loosen dirt and stains
  • Hot water extraction of carpet using state-of-the-art machinery
  • Controlled temperature to allow quick drying

We are Certified

We are certified and accredited by a number of industrial authorities such as the IICRC, Nadca, and BBB, With our certification alongside our years of experience, we can guarantee you the highest standards of carpet steam cleaning and air duct cleaning services in Toronto.

Your Satisfaction is Top Priority

Though our professional staff has consistently ensured happy clients, if you are not truly 100% satisfied with our services, we will come back and redo the job to meet your expectations.


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