Air Duct Cleaning

Do you like breathing healthy, clean air in your home? If you said “Yes!”, then it is important to have the cleanest air ducts and filters possible, and that means hiring a professional HVAC company.

Having clean air ducts can keep your family healthy by cutting down on allergens, molds, toxins and dust mites, but this service is only effective when performed properly. Our team of professionals has over 20 years of experience doing the best duct cleaning in Toronto using the most contemporary equipment available. Not only do we use a powerful commercial vacuum, but we also hand wash and clean your vent covers with a professional-grade sanitizing solution.

We are NADCA certified – which means we are professionally accredited – to perform the highest quality air duct cleaning in Toronto. Your air ducts are guaranteed to be cleaner, your heating and air conditioning will be more efficient, and you will experience increased airflow as a result of your air duct cleaning. Your vents are meant to reduce the particulates in your home’s air by trapping dust, toxins, mold, and bacteria from the air. When the air ducts are not cleaned, this material can gather in corners of your ductwork and mildew or grow.

Allergens and bacteria in your home are shown to cause childhood asthma, upper respiratory problems, mild fatigue, and infections from airborne mold or mildew. This indoor air pollution is caused primarily by poor air duct maintenance and a lack of cleaning; something which should be undertaken at least every 2-3 years.

Boost the energy-efficiency of your entire home ventilation system while you assure your family is breathing air that is free of harmful allergens and bacteria. Choose Toronto Steam n’ Clean for all of your air duct cleaning services and we will even clean your furnace vent and service your dryer vent as part of the service call.


Square Footage

Compressed Air Clean 


Pinhole Camera/ Blockage Check

Deodorization and Disinfection

Furnace Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Filter Change


Over 3200 sq. ft





2000-3200 sq. ft.





Under 2000 sq. ft.




We are Certified

We are certified and accredited by a number of industrial authorities such as the IICRC, Nadca, and BBB, With our certification alongside our years of experience, we can guarantee you the highest standards of carpet steam cleaning and air duct cleaning services in Toronto.

Your Satisfaction is Top Priority

Though our professional staff has consistently ensured happy clients, if you are not truly 100% satisfied with our services, we will come back and redo the job to meet your expectations.


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